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Four days old

This little chickie is the baby of the bunch! Our Buff Laced Polish chick hatched a few days after the others, which effectively made her half their age when she arrived, but she has made herself a part of the flock already, sleeping in a pile and vying treats right alongside the others. It’s easy to tell her apart from her fellow blondie because Polish chickens have feathered crests on their heads. Although she doesn’t have the full outfit just yet, it turns out the crest is supported structurally by a cone, or protuberance, that sits upon her skull, which is clearly visible even at this tender age. She also seems to stand a little more upright than the roly-poly Orpington, but without the coordination that comes with maturity, she’s prone to tip over. Which yes, is the cutest thing ever.






When I grow up?

Polish chickens (which actually originated in the Netherlands) are crested, which means they have the most fabulous feathered hats upon their heads. They’re ordinarily pretty friendly chickens, but their enormous adornment limits their vision, so they can be a little jumpy. Even though polish hens are mainly show birds now, they were first valued for their lovely white eggs, which we’re looking forward to!

Chicken Head