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That’s right, little chickie: Your namesake is that Barbarella. Yes, it’s kind of a mouthful, and maybe sometimes we’ll shorten it a wee bit to Barbie or Bella when we’re shouting across the yard at dusk. But how could we not go formally with the whole glorious name of Barbarella? Just look at the resemblance!


We won’t make you sit through that dated but stylish picture show (though we know how you love to watch TV from our laps), but believe me, the parallels exist! Barbarella of the silver screen is voluptuous and groovy, a space-age sexpot, yet her very innocence saves her (or something like that). And oh how innocent you were as the lone yellow peep!


Now maybe a sexpot chicken is hard to fathom, but if we’ve got one, you’re it, and the world seems to agree with us. From the Wikipedia entry on the Orpington breed:

“Their large size and soft appearance together with their rich color and gentle contours make them very attractive, and as such its popularity has grown as a show bird”

You’ve had the moves to steal our hearts from the very beginning, and you’re growing into your curves. And we wonder sometimes if you know it.

barbarella1 barbarella2barbarella5

The voluminous strawberry blond coif, the sparkling green eyes, the ample bosom, the radiant presence…Queen of the Galaxy and nothing less!


All that, and also such a good momma hen. You’re the brave peep who ran in circles to guard her flock during that first trip home, and you’re not shy about expressing your feelings when we try to pick you up, clucking your disapproval in your husky hen voice.


But once you see we just want in on the super snuggle that you love so much, you know you’re safe, let your guard down, and we all snooze together. Sweet dreams, Pretty-Pretty!*


*Yes, that’s a Barbarella reference. Silly, I know. But there really are some very weird (often NSFW) and memorable moments, plus some really groovy music! Take them in a clip at a time; it won’t make much less sense than if you watched the movie straight through.