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Oh, you darling polish charmer chickie. Such a showstopper, you incite a reaction in everyone you meet! Especially as your beautiful plumage has filled out in new and exciting ways these past six weeks…




… as each feather unfurls atop the last, it turns out—to the delight of all—that you, little chicken, look just like a Vegas showgirl. And David Bowie (in multiple eras), and Einstein, and a Fraggle, and and a Carnaval  performer, and Rod Stewart, and all manner of flora, among others; though one might say such speculations reveal more about us doing the gawking than about the nature of you.


And that’s just the frilly frivolous outside! We cannot possibly fathom what is going on in your teeny head, but suffice it to say that the personality on display matches the outfit completely. Quirky, quixotic, and just a little bit of a loudmouth (the steady peep peep peep being your favorite mantra), you are not afraid to go it alone in the name of adventure, or whatever your indecipherable motivation may be.

(Sometimes it does seem like you forget your cause halfway through, but that’s ok, it happens to the best of us, most of whom have unfettered vision and no skull protuberance to speak of.)


On the other hand, occasionally we can see directly into your eyes, and you seem smart beyond your days—the first to spot a tasty morsel or to invent a way out of a sticky situation. Are you playing us, smarty pants? Only time will tell.

No matter. Here you are, at six weeks old, a blossoming showgirl, just a little bit rock n’ roll, a little bit diva, and with a seemingly bad case of space cadet, tempered by a trace of the savant — how to contain all that inspiration and personality in a single name?! Only one will do. One name that stands alone and carries much meaning in many corners, and most importantly, is very fun to say: Ziggy.

ziggy7 ziggy8

So werk it gurl! Sashay down the runway, and keep your head in the stardust, and don’t forget to rock out while you zig zag your way to your next grand plan. You may not be able to see everything clearly, Miss Ziggy, but one thing is plain to all: you’re a good, one of a kind chicken friend, and while you’ll always stand out, you fit in with this brood perfectly.