Artisans we know and love.

HumbleHouse Handmade

My darling sister’s wondrous handcrafted goods and clothing. You have certainly seen her handiwork around our house, including custom plush dolls, crochet donut rattles and hen-shaped egg warmers.

Tamo Design

Luxe and funky threads, locally designed and made by our good friend, Tamo.

Silver Lucy Design

Even more local supa style for the glamorous side of every body!

Satomi Studio

Gorgeous jewelry in metal and stone, designed and worked with care in Santa Cruz.


Music we get down to.



Ethan Miller

Brass Tax

The Space Cowboys


Daily inspirations.

Andrea Scher, Superhero Life

Photography, life coaching, friend and super mama, this woman does it all, with grace and passion.

David Lebovitz

Part food, part life in Paris. What’s not to love?


Food we can’t resist.

Alton Brown

Revealing the science behind food. Even if you don’t care to understand that part, know this: his recipes have never failed me.

Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa

Simple, straightforward, and never shy with the butter. Bring it here.

Heidi Swanson, 101 Cookbooks

Fan-freakin-tastic vegetarian cooking with a distinct Northern California bent. Yum.

Alemany Farmer’s Market

“The peoples’ market.”

Farm Fresh to You

Our veggie box. Include code 6164 and the name Ben Hart when you start up a subscription and you’ll get $10 off your first box, and we’ll get a free one! Who’s cooking?


People ’round here doing amazing things.


Reinventing your city, and you along with it.

Peter Hudson

Zoetrope artist and incredible human being.


Abetters of the Homestead Hobbies.

San Francisco Brewcraft

Expertise in beer, with just enough knowledge of cider to make us feel totally not confident in our abilities. But we did it anyway, with some of their supplies.

Oak Barrel Winecraft

Again, expertise in beer, with samples on tap—bonus! Picked up our bottling supplies here.

Natural Gardening Company

So many organic seed varieties! Got my tremendous favas and arugula from here, highly recommend.

Mill Valley Chickens

Our chick provider is pretty much managed by an amazing 10-year-old girl. She’ll chicken-whisper for you.



BeanTea Amazon Wish List

Feel obligated by one event or another to fulfill our material dreams? Look no further! Here is help.