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Four days old

So far she’s the biggest (fluffiest?) of the bunch. And while she’s obviously not on the top of the pecking order, she is sometimes on the top of the pile, as the other girls like snuggling up under her when they go into their nightly cuddle puddle. When excitement hits the brooder she’s a little nervous, and peeps the loudest of all—although it’s not always clear what she’s so worked up about. That “treat” she just found is actually just an extra-long pine shaving. Oops, and the wyandotte just stole it from her anyway. Peep on, little orpington!






When I’m all grown up?

Orpingtons are a pretty heavy breed, which means she probably won’t catch much air—perfect for a backyard flock. Quite docile, but not the best foragers. Maybe that’s why ours hasn’t figured out the treat thing yet?

Mother and Chick