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Four days old

Meet our wee chipmunk bird! Our Easter Egger looks a little like the Welsummer in coloring, and a little like the Wyandotte in shape. But she’s got the most delicate face! Dark eyeliner, a spunky widow’s peak, some puffy little cheeks and a fearless attitude make her a lot of fun to watch. She was the first to get curious about us humans, and took on the protector role in the flock for the first day or so until the others gained confidence, presenting us with her side eye whenever we walked past. Paired up with the clever Wyandotte, she’s trouble!





When I grow up?

Since Easter Eggers are not true breeds, but hybrids, it’s hard to tell what they’ll look like (because they don’t breed “true,” or create like offspring, consistently). True Ameraucanas and Arcuanas are descended from Chilean chickens known for having awesome cheek muffs, but not all blue- or green-layers still carry those characteristics. But since our little peep has some mighty big cheeks already, we’re hoping she grows into them and ends up a little like this. Her eggs are a mystery too, anything from olive green to sky blue, or somewhere in between. Or maybe even pink! But once a color is evident, that’s what we get. No change-ups.

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