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Four days old

This one is quite the little lady. If you watch closely on the Chicken Cam, you’ll see her leave the frenzy at the feeder a little early, only to stand a ways off and puff up her chest, chin-up, prim and tall. She’s got the brains to warrant such a proud stance—first to figure out hands mean treats, first to devour a doomed wandering bug, and she’s working her tiny feathers already—and oh does she have the fashion sense. As she grows, she’ll trade in her plush silver fur coat for a lovely stunning, chic (ha, pun intended) outfit of lacy black and white.





When I grow up?

Wyandottes come in over eight color combinations, including silver, gold, and blue laced, and are noted for being especially friendly. She’ll probably lay around 200 light brown eggs a year, weigh about six pounds, and wear it well under a lacy black and white dress with a puffy black petticoat.

silver laced wyandotte pullet