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Four days old

She’s a slender thing, the sleekest of the bunch, but so far the most calm in-hand, even falling asleep at one point. At first her markings seemed very similar to those of the Easter Egger, but we’ve come to recognize her from visual and behavioral cues unique to her—a tawnier coloring, shorter widow’s peak, exotic-looking eye makeup, mottled wings feathers, and a tendency to stay out of the fray. welsummer1





When I grow up?

Welsummer roos are iconic, showing up on Kellogg’s boxes and other commercial “farmy” items, and sometimes have beautiful iridescent green in their feathers. The intelligent hens only get a little of that flashiness, mostly arriving in gold-to-brown ombre with a little sheen here and there. But they produce extra beauty in the eggs, which are dark brown speckled.