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It’s only been two weeks since these gals arrived in our home, and they’ve already changed so much! I cannot believe how much they eat and grow in so short a time (10 pounds of feed consumed or dumped on the floor already). Fluffernutters no longer, our little puffballs have sprouted feathers and are now sporting full-on (uh-oh…functional…) wings. At this size, their hilarious cross-brooder flights are delightful, but in a few weeks I’m sure we’ll be pretty much over it.

Each little lady is starting to show the particular stylings of her breed, but one thing they all have in common is preening. Apparently feathers form inside pointy sheaths with a waxy coating which starts flaking off once the feather’s fully developed. The birds are anxious to help the process along and preen incessantly, unfurling new feathers all day!

Miss Easter Egger


Miss Buff Orpington


Miss Buff Laced Polish


Miss Welsummer


Miss Silver Laced Wyandotte